Update: 9 Brotherhood members killed in police raid: MoI
Photo showes Muslim Brotherhood members after killing them by Egyptian security forces - YOUM7

CAIRO:  Nine Muslim Brotherhood members were killed Wednesday in a police raid in 6th of October City, southwest of Cairo, according to a Ministry of Interior statement.

Two of nine slain “terrorists” had been sentenced to death in absentia. Among those killed was leading Islamist figure Abdel Fatah Attia, who was a defendant in seven trials.

The group was planning to “launch terrorist attacks and sabotage acts in the coming period that coincides with the June 30 anniversary,” the statement added.

The Brotherhood members, including former lawmaker Nasser el-Hafi, were killed in fire exchange when the police forces stormed their place, according to the police.

Three policemen were injured in the raid, the statement continued.

Three rifles, six guns, 132 bullets, 43,700 EGP, a number of memory cards, and documents were seized in the apartment where they were all killed.

However, Brotherhood spokesperson Mohamed Montasr said on his Twitter account Wednesday that the nine members were unarmed. April 6 Youth Movement claimed the group was arrested before the police decided to shoot them, and that “there was no exchange of fire.”

The Ministry of Interior posted pictures of the nine bodies with weapons next to them, while April 6 Movement posted pictures of their alleged bodies at the morgue with marks of black ink on their fingers, a regular procedure to take defendants’ fingerprints when arrested.

Concurrently, a series of militant attacks targeted military checkpoints and police stations in North Sinai since Wednesday morning, leaving more than 100 people – including military personnel, civilian, and militants.

The police raid came a day after three people killed in their own car bomb near a police station in 6th of October City.

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