Video: Bus driver suspended for taking his pants off in public

CAIRO: A driver at the Cairo Transportation Authority (CTA) was suspended and referred to investigations for taking his pants off in front of a car driven by a woman, Youm7 reported Thursday.

The driver reportedly stopped on the left of the road for passengers to get off, prompting cars behind him to honk loudly.

He then went to a woman driving her car and shouted “do you want me to take off my pants? Take off my pants?” The man then appeared with his pants down to his knees, saying “happy now?”

A man driving a car next to the woman is heard yelling at the CTA driver “what the hell are you doing?” The woman filmed the driver and I Saw Harassment group posted the video on its Facebook page June 27.

After a series of amendments toughening penalties of sexual harassment, the driver may be jailed for at least six months and / or fined at least 3,000 EGP.

Watch video here

Anyone who does anything that bears sexual or obscene innuendos, with a sign, word, act, or any other form of communication in public or private space is vulnerable to the said punishment, according to the Egyptian Penal Code.

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  1. SAY ‘NO’to the KHAZARS
    July 14, 2015 at 7:21 am

    Poor Bus Driver! It is not enough for them to fight with the traffic jam daily ,BUT they have to deal with the so called ‘gentle women’ whose husband are rich and can afford to buy a car for these wives, but THEY HAVE NO IDEAL HOW TO DRIVE and BEHAVE on the ROAD!!! These kind of females are very aggressive ,because the wealth what they have make them feel superior and arrogant . They believe that ,the car what they have , makes them the’ queen’ of the roads. I don’t know which is more disturbing, salute to a RAINBOW FLAG,or to see a ‘fed up’ bus driver’s under wear in the street.

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