Sisi issues decree to remove chiefs of state-run regulatory bodies
President Sisi meets with Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab - YOUM7

CAIRO: President Abdel-Fatah al-Sisi has issued a decree granting him the right to remove chiefs of the state-run regulatory authorities under four conditions, Youm7 reported Sunday.

The conditions include the existence of clear evidence that the top official represents a “threat to national security,” or if the official became“untrustworthy.”

According to the new decree, the President is authorized to remove an official who became “unsuitable for the post, except for health issues,” or if it was proven that the official “breached his duties in a way that harms the state’s interests and disturbs public order.”

Egypt’s Islamist-dominated parliament was dissolved in 2012 and Sisi has been holding the legislative authority since he assumed power in June 2014.

Parliamentary elections were scheduled to be held in March, but a top court ruled some articles in the elections law unconstitutional.Although Sisi has ratified the new elections law,the date of the long-awaited poll remains unknown. Sisi’s presidential decrees, issued in his one-year tenure,might be reviewed by the parliament.

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