Egypt deports 36 Sudanese over attempted ‘illegal immigration’ to Italy

CAIRO: Egypt deported 36 Sudanese migrants back to Khartoum Thursday after they were arrested over attempted “illegal migration” to Italy, Youm7 reported.

The arrested migrants were caught in a fishing boat at a beach in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate, northern Egypt. They were among dozens of Egyptian migrants who were also heading to Italy.

The Sudanese Embassy in Cairo was informed of the incident; the embassy in return issued travel documents for the 36 migrants to facilitate their deportation.

Over similar circumstances, hundreds of Egyptian and foreigner migrants have been arrested at Egyptian borders.The Italian and Egyptian authorities have foiled many attempts of illegal immigration by asylum seekers.

On July 9, Egyptian naval forced foiled an attempt by 74 migrants from different nationalities while trying to illegally travel to the Italian territories.

On July 6, some 26 people were arrested in the coastal governorate of Beheira, northern Egypt, before illegally leaving to Italy.

The Italian authorities deported 28 undocumented Egyptian migrants on June 25.


Additional reporting by Rehab Nabil.

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