Sudan re-arrests 100 released Egyptian fishermen: Syndicate official
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CAIRO:A day after their release, a total of 100 Egyptian fishermen were re-arrested by the Sudanese authorities, said the Chairman of Independent Fishermen Syndicate in Matariya Taha al-Rasheedy Friday.

The Sudanese Prosecution ordered Thursday the release of 100 Egyptian fishermen detained in April for allegedly trespassing in Sudanese waters and spying.

Although the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Thursday evening that the officials in contact with the Sudanese government had finished legal procedures to secure the return of the fishermen, Sudanese authorities refused to allow the men to exit the country Friday morning, Rasheedy added.

Later, the fishermen were resent to Port Sudan on board a cattle transporting truck, the son of one of the detained fishermen, Mohamed Rashad, told ON T.V. Friday noon.

Rasheedy told Youm7 that Sudanese Security forces appealed the release decision Thursday, causing the detention of the men.

Despite their release, the fishermen were still standing trial in Sudan on charges of spying; their hearing was adjourned to July 28, Youm7 reported Wednesday.

An official at the Syndicate told The Cairo Post Thursday on condition of anonymity that the total number of the detained fishermen was 101; the last one was reportedly kept in custody pending investigations.

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