First trial operation of New Suez Canal kicks off Saturday
New Suez Canal project

CAIRO: Saturday will witness the first trial operation of the new Suez Canal branch, which is scheduled to be inaugurated Aug. 6.

Three large ships with submersible of 66 feet and depth of 24 meters will participate in Saturday’s trial, Youm7 reported Friday. The operation aims to assure that the depth of the New Canal is suitable for large ships. 

The executive agency that manages the new Suez Canal project announced that dredgers have lifted more than 259 million cubic meters of water-saturated sand. Some 23 dredgers out of 45 have finalized their work in the project.

In June, Egypt received a FREMM-multipurpose French frigate to be used in securing the new Suez Canal.

FREMM has anti-submarines, anti-aircraft, anti-ballistic missiles and surface attack capabilities, as well as consists of helicopter landing pad. It measures 142 meters long and weighs 6,000 tons.



FREMM-multipurpose frigate received from France


FREMM-multipurpose frigate received from France


The Suez Canal Authority announced that ships at ports across the world will blow their horns at the same time greeting the “unprecedented” achievement. The project was launched in August 2014 and was given one year for its completion.

All countries have been invited to attend the inauguration ceremony, which will be organized by the UK’s WPP Company for advertising and public relations.

The new 72-kilometer long canal is established parallel to the current Suez Canal; it aims to speed up transit time and allow ships to sail into both directions at the same time.



Suez Canal after drilling



The multi-billion project was financed by Egyptian citizens through purchasing investment certificates, and aims to boost annual revenues of the canal up to $13.5 billion by 2023.

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