Security measures beefed up on Nile after deadly boat collision  

CAIRO: The Egyptian police have seized 46 Nile boats operating without a license in a crack down following a cargo ship – boat collision that killed at least 40 people last week, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

Security personnel from Egypt’s Environment and Water Bodies Police have seized four overloaded, ten boats for lacking safety equipments, seven for invalid licenses and two with captains working onboard without license, according to Youm7.

Moreover, the police were able to report 66 violations related to license specifications, sexual harassment, street vendors working onboard along with arms possession.


A boat, with over 60 people onboard, collided with a cargo ship Wednesday causing the former to sink; the cargo ship captain and his assistant have been arrested for “manslaughter” accusations, the Associated Press reported Friday.

Head of the River Transport Authority was suspended Saturday pending investigation over the collision which killed at least 40 people in Giza’s northern district of al-Waraq, Youm7 reported.

On Monday, Egypt’s health ministry said that the death toll reached 40 so far.

A boat ride on the Nile River is among Egyptians’ most favorite entertainment activities especially during public holidays.

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