2 more allegedly re-hydrated infants die in Beni Suef
relatives of victim who were allegedly given a rehydration solution - YOUM7

CAIRO: Two infants who were allegedly given a rehydration solution reportedly died at a hospital in Upper Egypt’s Beni Suef governorate after suffering convulsions and a high fever, Youm7 reported Saturday.

The Mnistry of Health announced Friday that the oral rehydration solution is bamed for last week’s deaths of two children in Beni Suef “does not meet health specifications and standards.” Claims that the two recent deceased infants received the rehydration solution were denied by the undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, according to Youm7.

Both Jana Adel (12 months) and Aly Abdel Aal (9 months) reportedly suffered convulsions and a high fever after being rehydrated, according to their parents’ accounts.

Three hospitals in Beni Suef reportedly received some 30 children Monday with common symptoms of “intestinal catarrh,” which the ministry spokesperson said is at a “normal rate” amid “hot weather in Egypt.”

Following the reported cases, the ministry halted the use of the solution at hospitals.

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