Egyptian diver bids to set new world record in New Suez Canal
Egyptian diver Walaa Hafez

CAIRO: Egyptian diver Walaa Hafez endeavors to break a new diving record in the New Suez Canal ahead of its inauguration ceremony Thursday, MENA reported.

On his facebook account, Hafez said if succeeded; it will be the longest Swimming Scuba Under Salt Water.

Hafez, who said “the dive will be his gift to Egypt on the occasion of the new canal,” intends to perform a 17-hour-long dive in the new canal with the help of 12 divers to supply him with oxygen tanks and other necessary requirements. The dive is scheduled to start Tuesday at 07:00 am from Al Salam Bridge; a road bridge crossing the Suez Canal at El Qantara.

“The dive will start by going down to the depth of the canal, 24 meters, and then will spend the rest of the dive at the depth of 6 meters,” Hafez told MENA.

The New Suez Canal inauguration ceremony is to be held in Ismailia Thursday, with the presence of the world’s leaders and presidents.

On June 7, Egyptian diver Walaa Hafez set a new Guinness World Record for The Longest Open Saltwater Scuba Dive for 51 hours and 20 minutes off Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Hurghada, Youm7 reported.

The dive started on Thursday morning and ended at Saturday 6:00 pm. Hafez consumed 55 tanks of Oxygen, with the help of 25 divers from different countries including Germany, Russia, Italy, Netherland and Austria.

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