Infant with swollen head undergoes successful surgery in Cairo
Egyptian infant Wafaa Yasser with swollen head.

CAIRO: A seven-month-old baby, who was in a risk to lose her life has undergone a surgery Tuesday to reduce her born-with swollen head that weighs 15 kg, Youm7 reported Saturday.

Wafaa Yasser was born with hydrocephalus (accumulated fluid in the brain,) cleft lip and two holes in the heart.



“A successful surgery was carried out to Wafaa, and there is a regular follow up on her case,” Under Secretary of Ministry of Health in Fayoum city, Mohamed Abdel Mohsen told Youm7.

She was taken to Cairo for Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), because “the size of her head was big, and did not fit the device available at the Fayoum hospital,” Mohsen added.

Her story was previously published by Youm7, where he grandfather spoke about his several attempts to treat her but in vain.

Youm7 published Saturday that the Ministry of health responded to her grandfather’s calls and the operation was carried out.

The swollen brain causes headache, vomiting, blurred vision, cognitive problems, and walking difficulties. It has several causes when it comes to infants and toddlers, including: central nervous system infections, bleeding in the brain during or shortly after delivery, injuries that occur before, during or after delivery, trauma or central nervous system tumors.

A famous case of an Indian girl called Roona with similar disease was widely reported by foreign media. She was born with a head three times bigger than normal. Despite doctors saying she will not make it after surgery, “she survived,” Daily Mail quoted her mother as saying in July 2014.

Caption: Picture of Indian toddler Roona before undergoing surgery- Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail

Picture of Indian toddler Roona before undergoing surgery- Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail

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