Video: Evacuated residents complain government apathy
Houses collapsed in Imbaba district - YOUM7

CAIRO: Giza governorate has allocated temporary apartments for homeless families who were evacuated from their ramshackle residential buildings in Imbaba district, deputy Giza governor Alaa al-Haras told Al-Ahram Saturday.

The families were evacuated from 13 old houses shortly after three houses collapsed in Imbaba district Thursday. The families have set a camp in the street where they are currently staying.

“We and our children are sleeping in the streets since Yesterday; none cares about us. We can afford (this circumstance) but our children cannot,” one of the homeless women told Video7 Saturday.

Al-Haras announced that the governorate works on building new permanent apartments for the homeless families.

According to a survey conducted by the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) in June 2014, the “rampant violations” of building laws, lack of government oversight, corruption, poor maintenance and failing to follow global construction standards are among the reasons behind the recurrent building collapse phenomenon in Egypt.



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