21 die of sunstroke amid Egypt’s scorching heat wave
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CAIRO: A total of 21 people have died of sunstroke amid scorching heat wave hitting Egypt this month, Ministry of Health said in a statement Monday.

At least 66 people sickened by heat exhaustion Sunday; 29 of them have been already released from hospital while the rest are being hospitalized, according to the statement.

The Ministry has called upon citizens, especially the elderly and those who suffer chronic disease to take necessary preventive measures by avoiding direct exposure to the sun and not to leave house except for extreme necessity.

Rise in body temperature, redness of face and dry skin, inflammation of the eye, headaches and muscular contractions, dizziness and vomiting are among sunstroke symptoms listed by the ministry.

It has also advised citizens to drink large amounts of water, avoid coffee and tea, daily bathing with lukewarm water, avoid poorly ventilated places and wear loose fitting clothes.

Egypt has been witnessing a scorching heat wave since last week, which is believed to continue until mid-August, according to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority.

Temperature degrees during the past days reached above 40 ᵒC in Cairo. Some governorates, especially in Upper Egypt witnessed higher temperature degrees.

On Saturday, the heat wave has caused a fire in a starch and glucose factory in Egypt’s Delta governorate of Qalyubia.

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