Giza officials fail to reach agreement with Imbaba homeless families
Houses collapsed in Imbaba district - YOUM7

CAIRO: Dozens of homeless campers, who have been stranded on the streets after their residential buildings collapsed in Giza’s Imbaba district, refused to move to other state-funded units in the 6 October City, Youm7 reported.

Buses, which were sent by the governorate to transfer the homeless families, have left shortly after some residents reportedly called for attacking them.

Last week, three old buildings in Giza’s blue-collar district of Imbaba collapsed 15 minutes after they were evacuated. Deputy Giza Governor Alaa al-Harras told Youm7 that each family was offered either a 500 EGP ($63) compensation per month for a year till their units are demolished are rebuilt or to move to state-funded units at the 6 October City.

According to Harras, the families rejected both offers saying that 6 October City is “far away” from their work and schools. The city is one of the urbanized desert areas around Cairo that has bloomed into residential districts during the past few decades with an abundance of housing units.

Officials from Giza Governorate negotiated with the impacted families Sunday and suggested that each family finds an apartment to rent; the families requested that Giza Governorate rents furnished apartments in one building, which the officials refused, Sameh Salah, who attended the meeting, told Youm7.

For its part, the Ministry of Solidarity dispensed 5,000 EGP ($638) in aid for each family that lost its furniture and other properties in the collapse, as well as 300 EGP ($38) in subsistence allowance.

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