Brotherhood funds committee seizes 16 hospitals
Safwa Hospital, Run By The Muslim Brotherhood's Islamic Medical Association, In Cairo, Egypt - YOUM7/Hazem Abdel Samad

CAIRO: The committee, tasked with managing the assets of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has embarked on seizing 16 hospitals belong to the banned group, Youm7 reported Monday.

“The 16 hospitals are located in five governorates across Egypt; one in Cairo, two in Giza, ten in Gharbia, two in Damietta and one in Asyut,” according to the committee’s General Secretary Mohamed Abo el-Fottoh.

The health ministry has been notified to run the seized hospitals with better medical services, he added. A total of 40 MB hospitals, seized in July, are being run by the health ministry.

In November 2013, a state-run committee was formed and was tasked with managing and seizing MB funds. In January, the committee announced it had seized the assets of some 901 Brotherhood members and 1,096 associations. The Brotherhood headquarters, schools, hospitals, pharmacies and charity associations are among the confiscated assets.

The seized assets and funds are then transferred to fall under the management of the government relevant bodies.

In December 2013, the Brotherhood was designated a “terrorist organization.” Since then, the authorities have launched a crackdown on the group, accusing its members and supporters of “terrorism-related” charges, inciting violence and disrupting public peace.

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