Youth unemployment rate reaches 20.2% among males, 44.2% females in 2014: CAPMAS
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PRESS RELEASE: CAPMAS has issued on 11/8/2015 a press release on the occasion of the World Youth Day which takes place annually on 12th of August as approved by the general assembly of the United Nations in 1998 within the framework of the world conference of United Nations for world ministries responsible for youth to emphasize on their role in the sustainable development and on the importance of investing their enthusiasm and innovation. It is also crucial to overcome the barriers and challenges that face youth and to support them in order to achieve their aspirations, improve their skills, and employ their capabilities.


23.6%of the population are youth in 1/1/2015

The number of youth aged (18-29) years old reached 20.7 million people, which represent 23.6% of the total population (51.1% male, 48.9% female).


According to the data of the annual bulletin of Higher Education (2012-2013):

The total number of students enrolled in universities and higher institutions (Governmental and Private) reached 2 million (54.6% male, 45.4% female), while the number of students enrolled in above-average technical institutions was 109,757 (51,1% males, 48,9% females).

The proportion of students enrolled in theoretical colleges within governmental universities reached 77.8% compared to 22.2% in practical colleges.

The proportion of students enrolled in theoretical colleges within private universities reached 26,2% compared to 73,8% in practical colleges.

The average students per each faculty staff and their assistants reached 20 in governmental universities compared to 14 in private universities.

The total number of graduates from both governmental and private universities reached 339,145 out of 325,358 who have graduated from governmental universities, a percent of 96% compared to 13787 graduates from private universities with a percent of 4%.

According to data from labor force survey 2014:

52% of youth participate in labor force

The percent of youth participation in labor force in the age group (18-29), is 52% (72.3% males, 28,5% females).


64,4% of youth has permanent jobs:

The percent of youth working in a permanent job, reached 46,4% of those (42,7% males and 70,8 % females), while those who work on temporary jobs are about33,4 % (27,2% males and 74,5% females).

The proportion of subscribers in the social insurance services has reached 32,3% (27,4% males and 64,6% females). The percent of beneficiaries from the health insurance is 22,2% (17,5% males and 53,1% females).

26,3% of youth are unemployed

  • The unemployment rate among youth in the age group (18-29) is 26,3% (20,2% males and 44,2 % females).


According to the data of marriage and divorce bulletin 2014:

  • The marital status of youth:
  • 64,6% of the total married males are youth in the age group (18-29), in comparison with 95,2% for females. The percent of divorced male youth is 25,6% within the same group of the total divorced males compared to 46,3% for females.


According to the basic indicators for measuring the Information society 2013: 4 out of every 10 individuals (among youth) use computers

  • 39,5% of computer users are youth (aged between 18 and 29 years old), 39,3% of this percent is for educational purposes, 51,9% for the purpose of entertainment, and 8,2% for employment purposes.
  • The proportion of the Internet users among youth reached 32.4%, and one of the most important means of communication via the Internet between youth is (Facebook) where the figures of its users recorded about 88.6% in the same age group.
  • 4% of young people in the age group (18-29 years) use mobile phones.


According the data of HIECS 2012-2013

Smoking Among youth:

  • 25,4 % of the total youth in the age group (18-29) are smokers.


27,8% of youth are poor

  • 27,8% of youth in the age group (18-29) suffer from poverty , and about 24,1% are close to the poverty line, while non-poor represent 48,2% for the same age group.


According to the data of sports activities bulletin 2014:

  • The number of sports clubs in the governmental, public, and private sectors have reached 821 with 3663 playgrounds.
  • The numbers of youth who benefit from each playground within these clubs are 6844.
  • The number of youth centers across the country has reached to 4202 with 11805 playgrounds.
  • The numbers of youth who benefit from each playground in these centers are 2123.


According to the data of births and deaths bulletin 2014:

  • Mortality rate among youth:
  • Mortality rate for youth in the age group (15-29 years) reached 0.9 which means about one person for every 1,000 men (1.2 per thousand males, 0.5 per thousand females).

Egypt’s Panel Survey for young people 2014:

  • 2% of youth have the desire to migrant. This rate increase among male university graduates as it reached 30.3% compared to 17.2% among the illiterate.
  • 5% of youth believe that the most important issue is to raise the standard of living, 43% believe the combating corruption is the most important issue facing the country.
  • There is an increase in the percent of youth who participate in the elections from 16% in 2009 to 65% in 2012.
  • 7% support equality between males and females in education, 81.5% support the right of women to vote.
  • 6% of youth reported that the environment around them is polluted and this pollution affects their health in general.
  • 10% of youth use seat belts while driving, 3.5% among passengers.
  • 6% of girls have been exposed to harassment.
  • 9% of youth practice daily physical exercises.

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