Islamist Wasat Party chairman released after 2 years behind bars
Islamist Wasat Party founding member Abou Elela Mady

CAIRO: The Islamist Wasat Party founding member Abou Elela Mady was released Tuesday after being remanded in custody for two years over violence-related crimes, Youm7 reported.

Per Article 134 of the Egyptian Criminal Code, a suspect shall not be remanded in custody for more than two years.

Mady, 58, was remanded in custody for two years since July 29, 2013 over inciting violence charges in the case known in media as “Bein al-Sarayat incidents.” On July 2, 23 people were killed and dozens were injured in Cairo’s southern district of Bein al-Sarayat in clashes erupted between Muslim Brotherhood (MB) supporters from one side and the residents and security forces from the other.

In spite of hi release, the investigation are being conducted. According to the Egyptian law, in case Mady was charged by the prosecution, he will be rearrested.

In 1996, the MB  has dismissed Mady over establishing al-Wasat party as the group had opposed the notion of creating a political party at that time; however, Mady announced the establishment of  the party following  the January 2011 Uprising.

Al-Wast was one of 16 Islamist political parties that announced the creation of the Pro-MB National Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy (NASL) on June 27; six days before Morsi’s ouster. However, on August 28, 2014, the party withdrew from the Alliance to establish a new alliance that gathers both Islamist and liberal parties.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Arafa

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