School headmaster under investigation over wearing jellabiya
A school headmasterwearing a jellabiya (traditional Egyptian garment,)Youm7

CAIRO: A school headmaster in Egypt’s Delta governorate of Sharqia was referred to investigations Tuesday over wearing a jellabiya (traditional Egyptian garment,) while at the school, Youm7 reported.

During a surprise visit, Sharqia Governor Reda Abdel Salam referred Tallin primary school headmaster and teachers to investigations after they were found wearing jellabiyas; deemed by the governor as “improper outfit.”

Moreover, Abdel Salam noticed that the school was in a state of chaos, the classes and the bathrooms lacked maintenance and rubbish was spread everywhere, according to Youm7.

In May, Security personnel prevented an Egyptian and Saudi nationals wearing jellabiya from entering a shopping center in Sheikh Zayed city south of Giza citing their outfits do not comply with the center’s dress code.

The center’s manager, Ahmed el-Saadawy denied that he meant to insult anyone wearing the thawb, be it an Egyptian or from a Gulf state, according to Youm7.

The Ministry of Tourism has decided a one-month closure for the shopping center over “harming to the country’s tourism reputation,” according to a statement by the ministry.

In Gulf countries, most men wear the thawb, also known as dishdasha and Kandura in some Gulf States, as their traditional costume.

In Egypt, the Jalabiya, is mainly worn by locals from the Delta and Upper Egypt.


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