Orangutan ‘Bongo’ dies of extreme heat wave
The Orangutan “Bongo” - YOUM7

CAIRO: The Orangutan “Bongo” has died at Giza Zoo due to the extreme heat wave hitting Egypt this month, the Ministry of Agriculture announced Thursday.

“Medical team at the zoo made all possible efforts over the past three days to save Bongo,” Giza Zoo said in a statement Thursday.

Bingo, 23, along with Fatouta and mother Titi; three orangutans were gifted by the UAE’s Al Ain to Giza Zoo in 2010, Youm7 reported. Fatouta died in 2011.

A committee has been formed by the General Authority for Veterinary Services at the ministry to examine Bongo’s body, and its mother Titi that refrains from food after Bingo’s death.


The committee will also take preventive measures to protect zoo animals, as a scorching heat wave is expected to start Friday.

At least 76 people have died of heat exhaustion during the past five days; most of them are of elderly people. Temperature degrees throughout the week exceeded 45 degrees.

In December 2013, a media storm erupted after a three-year old giraffe named Roka died when its head was tangled in a hanging wired-basket containing its food.

Giza Zoo is one of the ancient zoological gardens in the world; it was built in 1891 by Khedive Ismail. It currently covers a distance of about 80 acres, and is the home to many endangered species.

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  1. satku
    August 14, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    Too little too late for Bongo now for preventive measures, isn’t it??? Please be proactive and prevent further deaths

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