Video of tortured calf stirs uproar in social media
Screenshot of buffalo allegedly being tortured.

CAIRO: Social media slammed a video circulated Friday of three men torturing a calf loaded on a mini-truck.

The buffalo, tied with ropes, attempted to escape from his torturers several times; at one point it hit the side of the car with its blood-covered head, causing one of its horns to fall off.

It was not clear where the video was filmed, but passersby, including children, were heard screaming at the abuse. The men surrounding the young animal stabbed it several times.

By and large, the slaughter of most animals in Egypt follows Islamic prescriptions: an animal must not see other animals being slaughtered and must not see blood or the knife, which must be very sharp.

In March, three men were sentenced to between one and three months in prison after they appealed their initial three-year sentence. The four defendants are accused of torturing and killing a dog; the acts were captured on video that went viral on social media in late February. Animal rights advocates demanded the perpetrators be brought to court.

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