Extreme heat kills 95 in Egypt; wave to continue into weekend
Egyptian avoiding Scorching heat wave - YOUM7/Mohamed-El-hosary

CAIRO: At least 95 people have died in Egypt after a scorching heat wave hit the country this week; 1,914 have been hospitalized from heat exhaustion, announced Health Ministry Sunday.

The Middle East has seen soaring temperatures since late July, and Egypt has experienced 46 degrees Celsius.

Sunday is witnessing a very high temperature reaching 42 in the shade.

The heat is expected to continue until the end of the week; the Egyptian Meteorological Authority said that the temperature will relent starting Tuesday.

In order to weather the sweltering heat wave, the EMA spokesperson Waheed Seoudy advised people to drink at least three liters of water per day and to avoid eating or drinking sugary food/beverages, saying it causes dehydration. He also advised of drinking cup of water mixed with ¼ spoon of salt to compensate for what the body loses through sweating.

Doctors have also warned citizens against direct exposure to sun and have advised them a number of tips regarding best food and practices during hot days.

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