8,000 Egyptian workers arrested in Jordan
AFP/Ahmed Gharbali

CAIRO:  Jordanian authorities have arrested more than 17,744 alleged illegal foreign workers, including at least 8,000 Egyptian nationals since the start of this year, Egypt’s state-owned new agency MENA reported Sunday.

The number of illegal Syrian workers during the above-mentioned period has reached 9,027 laborers, while other 693 illegal workers were different nationalities, MENA added.

“During this period of time, 1,446 illegal facilities have been closed; 10,969 closures orders have been sent to illegal facilities,” Secretary-General of Jordanian Ministry of Labor Hamada Abu Nijmeh stated Sunday.

Abu Negma added that 36 percent of all illegal laborers are working in agriculture sector and 15 percent are doormen, while 13 percent are working in construction sector.

In January 2014, Abu Najimeh said the government had arrested 2,200 illegal workers in a month, with 65 percent of them being Egyptians.

Jordanian ambassador to Egypt Beshr al-Khasawna told Ammon news in July that the number of the Egyptian people in Jordan reached 400,000 persons.

Saudi authorities deported Saturday 52 Egyptian expatriates for infringing residency laws, said officials from the Cairo International Airport.


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