PM to regulate Lake Nasser investments and develop fisheries
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By:  Mariam Abu Bakr

CAIRO: Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab set controls Sunday, to regulate investments in Lake Nasser (Upper Egypt) and boost development of fisheries through the ministries of agriculture, housing, environment, planning and irrigation.

The Lake Nasser projects are scheduled to include seasonal crops nine months a year. The development of fisheries will also include the firing of tilapia fish into the water to increase fish production.

“We have ambitious plans to develop fish production, increase the fisheries in fresh and salt lakes, especially Lake Nasser, along with the expansion in the establishment of a number of projects related to the production of fish such as packaging and refrigeration plants and the development of the transport system of fish between provinces,” Minister of Agriculture Salah Helal said.

The Ministry of Environment is working to limit the abundant spread of crocodiles in Lake Nasser, which threatens fish stocks.

Discussions regarding the crocodile threats have spread on social media networks since the Ministry of Agriculture Land Reclamation has addressed the National Institute of Oceanography to identify the amount that can be hunted to limit threats to fish stocks in Lake Nasser in 2005, according to Ministry of Agriculture website.

Lake Nasser represents a central water bank, containing about 15 fish families and 52 species, according to FAO. The Ministry has previously said it is working on protecting the fish to provide a solution for the high meat prices.

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