Dar al-Ifta holds conference to counter extremism
international Fatwa conference - YOUM7Kareem Abdul Kareem

CAIRO: Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta held a two-day international Fatwa conference to counter radical extremism entitled Fatwa: current reality and future prospects, with the participation of 50 countries, Youm7 reported Monday.

The conference is under the auspices of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi; Egypt’s Al-Azhar Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb gave the keynote speech Monday.

According to Dar al-Ifta’s website, the conference aims to solve the state of chaos caused by fatwa issuance.

A number of initiatives is to be taken during the two-day conference, includes the call for establishing a general secretariat for Dar al-Ifta in all countries and to be located in Cairo as an international specialized organization to coordinate with all Ifta institutions all over the world to boost the competency of the fatwa issuance.

It is not the first time that Dar al-Ifta holds a meeting to counter extremism, as On Dec. 3, Egypt hosted an inter-faith conference to fight radicalism.

The conference was attended by 700 Islamic and Christian scholars from 120 states. It has also issued several publications refuting the Islamic State (IS) group’s ideology, especially in terms of the treatment of women and slavery.

It has also intensified its efforts to reach out to Muslims who do not speak Arabic by launching a Facebook page in English, which has 56,050 likes thus far.

Dar al-Iftaa has also begun offering Islamic studies’ classes and publications in English to curb the recruitment of foreign Muslims by terrorist organizations.

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