1760 cross Egypt-Gaza border on 2nd day of opening
The Rafah border crossing with Gaza - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A total of 1,760 people crossed the Rafah Border in both directions on the second day of a limited four-day opening Tuesday.

Some 20 trucks carrying construction materials also crossed the border, a source at the border told Youm7. The flow of travelers at the border will continue Wednesday; the crossing is scheduled to be closed Thursday evening.

On the first day, Monday, some 474 Palestinians crossed the Egypt-Gaza border, as well as 600 tons of cement and 66 tons of aggregate entered the strip.

Egyptian authorities opened the crossing for four days in both directions to facilitate the transit of Palestinian passengers, the Palestinian embassy in Cairo announced, adding that the opening came following a request from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The border was opened to allow stranded people on the Egyptian side and foreign travelers heading to Gaza. Authorities allow students, humanitarian cases and patients into Egypt per coordination between Egyptian and Palestinian sides.

The crossing, which is the only way for Palestinians to move in and out of the Gaza Strip, was last opened in June to allow students and humanitarian cases to enter Egypt.

In October 2014, the crossing was closed indefinitely by the Egyptian authorities in both directions after coordinated attacks that killed 27 armed forces personnel in Sheikh Zuwayed.


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