Giza Zoo welcomes newly-born Yellow-headed Amazon parrots
Giza zoo's parrots - Youm7

CAIRO: Yellow-headed Amazon baby parrots were born in Giza Zoo as part of a captive breeding plan aims to maintain species of endangered birds and animals, Youm7 reported Friday.

A report issued by the Giza Zoo Friday assured that the newly-born baby parrots are in “good health state.”

The Amazon birds have started reproducing in 2010 after developing ways of nutrition, habitat and adding appropriate environmental enrichment items, which positively reflected on the reproduction of the Amazon birds, African gray parrot, rose-ringed parakeet and other species.


Giza Zoo's parrots - Youm7

Giza Zoo’s parrots – Youm7


Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrots are distinctive for their bright colors of light green and yellow; its main habitat is in Amazon forests in South America.

The species is included in the Red List of the Threatened Species at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN.)

Giza Zoo is one of the ancient zoological gardens in the world; it was built in 1891 by Khedive Ismail. It currently covers a distance of about 80 acres, and is the home to many endangered species.

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