Morocco to require pre-obtained visas for Syrian, Libyan citizens
Royal Air Maroc

CAIRO: Syrian and Libyan travelers to Morocco will be required to obtain their entry visas in advance, King Mohamed VI said Thursday, citing the rise of militancy in the two states.

On the 62nd anniversary of the “Revolution of the King and the People,” which led the independence of Morocco in 1956, King Mohamed VI said that countering extremism should be achieved through a “participatory approach,” promotion of openness and tolerance, advancement of social and development conditions, playing the religious and educational role and also through a security aspect.

“Because we know that terrorism has no religion or homeland, Morocco has been engaged in international efforts aiming to fight this global scourge, and also works at the national level to counter the factors that may lead to extremism and terrorism,” King Mohamed VI said in his speech to the nation.

Syria and Libya have descended into a security vacuum and internal fighting since the 2011 protests staged to oust their leaders.

For its part, not only does Egypt require entry visas from Syrians and Libyans, but also compels Egyptians to apply a security permit to travel to those countries, in addition to Turkey, and Sudan, citing fleeing of its nationals to join extremist groups.

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