3 arrested in Upper Egypt for ‘promoting Islamic State ideology’
Egyptian security forces

CAIRO: Three “takfiris” were arrested in Sohag, Upper Egypt, Saturday for promoting the ideology of the Islamic State group (IS) over Facebook, Youm7 reported.

A security mission arrested Walid, a 30-year-old veterinarian, and two students, Mohamed, 30, and Hamza, 16, who all live in the town of Akhmim. The mission was organized by Sohag Security Directorate, General Security and Homeland Security.

Mohamed and Hamza were arrested in possession of two laptops with videos of IS’s operations and promotional releases, as well as one bladed weapon.

Investigations indicated that the defendants uses Facebook to promote “the ideas and concepts” of IS and have communicated with members of the group, Youm7 quoted Sohag Security Directorate.

The Egyptian police previously arrested people for running Facebook pages that “promote violence” and posting detailed information on policemen.


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