Activist Harara quits Dostour Party following Shukrallah resignations
Ahmed Harara - YOUM7/Hisham Al-Said

CAIRO: Dostour Party has accepted the resignation of prominent activist Ahmed Harara and two other members, days after outgoing head of the party Hala Shukrallah resigned.

Shortly after Shukrallah’s resignation, spokesperson of Dostour Party Khaled Daoud also resigned.

Shukrallah, the first woman to head an Egyptian political party, will still be investigated within the party for “violating the statute” as long as she does not resign as a member, Ayman Awad, chief of the elders council tasked with interpreting the party’s statute, previously told Youm7.

The party, founded by former vice president Mohamed Elbaradei in 2012, will hold elections to appoint a new chairman in a month time, according to a Tuesday statement by the party.

The party is now headed by its secretary-general Tamer Gomaa, who is consulting with the elders council whether he may run for the elections while he is temporarily leading the party.

Shukrallah said she resigned after the party entered a “vicious circle of differences and complexities,” hoping that her resignation would be “in the framework of founding a sound partisan experience committed to constructive competition and prioritizing the interests of the party over personal interests.”

“I hope that everybody understands that the success of a partisan experience in Egypt cannot be monopolized or owned by a particular group or current,” Shukrallah said in her resignation statement.

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