Arab Women Org. to inspect refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq
Syrian refugees stand in line as they receive humanitarian aid in Darashakran refugee camp - REUTERS/Stringer

CAIRO: The Arab Women Organization (AWO) will inspect refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq Sept. 3-15 to support female refugees and learn more about their conditions, according to a Thursday statement.

The visit will include meetings with representatives from the governments, the U.N. Refugee Agency and NGOs. The inspections and meetings with refugees will kick off in Lebanon Sept. 3-6, Jordan Sept. 6-11 and then Iraq Sept. 11-15.

The move is part of a collaboration project between AWO and UN Women to produce a report on female refugees in the region on which a project to support them would be based.

Thousands of refugees from Syrian and Iraq of different ethnicities and faiths have been scattered in the region after the Islamic State group occupied swathes of the two countries. The crisis led to thousands crossing the Mediterranean Sea in hopes to reach Europe, but many have died en route.

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