Chemical solvents might be used to contain Asyut oil leak  
Diesel spill in the River Nile in Asyut

CAIRO: Chemical solvents might be used to dissolve the remains from a mazut spill in the Nile River in Asyut Thursday, Youm7 reported.

The Ministry of Environment might resort to use the chemicals “as the last step” after handling containment by hand, then by machines. The crisis is entering its fifth day Monday.

A total of 13 drinking water stations in Upper Egypt’s governorates of Asyut and Minya were closed shortly after an oil leak, caused by a steam power plant in the area, was spotted in the Nile.

Since then, different measures have been taken to control the spill in the river, including surrounding it with rubber barriers so as not to be washed into other areas in the river.

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