Egypt to witness total lunar eclipse in Sept
eclipse - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egypt will see a total lunar eclipse at its last stage on Sept. 28, but will miss a partial solar one on Sept. 13.

“The lunar eclipse will be clearly seen in areas where the moon is up at the time of its happening, like in Europe, Western Asia, Africa, Americas except the western half of Alaska,” Ashraf Tadros, the head of the Astronomical Department at the National Institute for Astronomical Research told Youm7.

The lunar eclipse will last for three hours, 20 minutes and 36 seconds, said Tadros adding that it affects sea and ocean tides.

Before the lunar eclipse is observed this month, most of the world’s countries will miss partial solar eclipse that falls Sept. 13, including Egypt.

“The solar eclipse can be seen in a part of Southern Africa, southern half of Madagascar, Atlantic Ocean, part of the Indian Ocean, eastern part of Antarctica and south India,” Tadros said. He explained that at its peak, the shadow of the moon will cover 78.8 percent of the sun.


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