Life imprisonment of low-ranking policemen commuted to suspended sentences
Court - YOUM7

CAIRO: Nine low-ranking policemen were given a suspended sentence of one year in prison for raiding a prosecution office in Sohag, Upper Egypt; their sentences were commuted from 3-25 years in prison.

In January, the Sohag Criminal Court sentenced three policemen to life in prison in absentia, eight others were sentenced to ten years and one was handed down three years in prison. All the policemen work at the same police station.

In October 2014, the prosecution ordered an investigation into the chiefs of the police station for allegedly failing to take the testimonies of injured people in a traffic accident that involved the car of a prosecutor.

The prosecutors accused the policemen of raiding their office in objection to the investigation and insulting them. They also claimed the policemen confined them to the office and threatened them with firearms.

Low-ranking policemen, the vast majority of whom do not finish their security and legal studies to ever become lieutenants, sharply outnumber officers who graduate from the Police Academy.

In August, hundreds of the said policemen in the Delta’s Sharqia, joined by colleagues from other governorates, held a half-strike for three days, demanding improved working conditions. Local media reported that the demonstrators prevented higher-ranking police officials from entering the city’s security directorate, and shot in the air when Central Security Forces intervened to disperse the strike.

The policemen agreed to cease the strike with promises from the Ministry of Interior to respond to their grievances.

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