BREAKING: 30 Egyptian fishermen drown off Libyan shores: Syndicate
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CAIRO: A total of 30 Egyptian fishermen drowned off Libyan shores, head of the Fishermen Syndicate Ahmed Nassar quoted one of the survivors as saying Thursday, according to Youm7.

Four fishermen only were rescued and admitted to a Libyan hospital, Nassar told Youm7 Wednesday. The fishermen had disappeared for a week before Mohamed al-Awam, a survivor, informed Nassar of the deaths.

All the fishermen claimed dead belong to a village in Kafr el-Sheikh in Egypt’s Delta, according to Nassar. On Aug. 6, 16 other fishermen were arrested in Libya for fishing in Libya waters without a permit.

Egyptian fishermen often cross into territorial waters of neighboring states. On Aug. 9, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry called on fishermen to respect the sovereignty of other countries and not to fish in their waters without prior permits.

On Aug. 22, Tunisia released 15 Egyptians fishermen after a period of detention over fishing illegally in Tunisia.

Fifteen fishermen were arrested off the coast of the Turkish city of Mersin for fishing in Turkish waters on Aug. 11. The Egyptian nationals were fined $37,000 and over 234 boxes, filled with fish and fishing equipment were seized.

On Aug. 6, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir pardoned 101 Egyptian fishermen detained since April for trespassing into Sudan’s territorial waters, after his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fatah al-Sisi pardoned 44 Sudanese detainees.

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