Minister of Petroleum: Euromoney conference chance support Suez Canal economic zone projects
New Suez canal

Written by Raafat Ibrahim

CAIRO: The Euromoney Conference to be held this year amid important economic developments and during the severe decline of global oil prices witnessed in the market represents a “good opportunity,” as petroleum is of the most important elements in global economics, stated Egypt’s Minister of Petroleum Sherif Ismail.

Ismail told Youm7 that the conference, which will be held in September in Cairo, is a chance for Egypt to present its point of view about its current economic plan, as well as economic reforms that the government has offered among the integrated plan to gradually raise the rates of the economic growth to high levels.

He pointed that the conference is being held after Egypt’s successful  implementation of the New Suez Canal; key economic projects are to be held in the economic zone of the canal, which will offer jobs to Egyptian youth and attract more investments, he added.

The minister noted that through Euromoney, participants from various financial institutions and global banks will learn about the implemented projects and available investment opportunities.




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