Video: Islamic pilgrimage, what and why
The Holy House in Mecca. Youm7 archive.

CAIRO: Egypt’s Dar al-Iftaa has launched a campaign targeting non-Arab Muslims to introduce them to Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, releasing infographic videos on the ritual in English.

The campaign aims to answer all questions that Muslims who do not speak Arabic have on hajj and its steps from start to finish, Ibrahim Negm, advisor to the Grand Mufti, said in a statement.

The series of videos began with a short one on the definition of hajj, one of Islam’s five pillars, and why Muslims perform it.

The five pillars of Islam constitute: shahadah, to acknowledge there is one God and Mohamed is His prophet; prayer, praying five times a day; zakat, donating 2.5 percent of one’s wealth to charity; fasting, refraining from eating, drinking and sexual activities from dawn to dusk during the month of Ramadan; and hajj if one can endure it physically and financially.

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