Google celebrates 96th birthday of Egyptian painter Tahia Halim
Photo shoews Google celebrates 96th birthday of Egyptian painter Tahia Halim

CAIRO: The 96th birthday of the Egyptian visual artist Tahia Halim, who passed away in 2003, was celebrated Wednesday by a Google doodle features one of her masterpieces

Born in Sudan, Halim (1919-2003,) was a pioneer visual art painter who mastered expressing the particularities of the Egyptian character and the Nubian culture in her artworks in the 1960s.

In her honor, Google has created a doodle, featured in several Middle East and Arab countries showing one of her paintings of a boat sailing on the Nile River with six images of Nubian women onboard.

“Despite the poverty she found in Nuba, Halim’s work reflects the rich colors and authenticity of the Nubian people, their architecture and their daily life. Figures and gestures are reduced to simple, evocative forms that encapsulate the beauty and vibrancy of the Southern Nile” according to Google.

Halim was granted several honorary local and international awards. In 1969, she won Egypt’s State Encouragement Award in painting and the Order of Science and Art.

Halim’s father was the laureate of Egypt’s King Fouad I (1868 – 1936,) thus she received her primary education in the king’s royal palace before she married Egyptian artist Hamed Abdullah in 1945. She had received two scholarships of Art Production in 1960 and in 1975.

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