U.S. hits Hamas officials, company with sanctions
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WASHINGTON: The U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday sanctioned fourHamas officials and financiers and a Saudi Arabia-based company controlled by one of them for providing financial support to the Palestinian militant group.

Among those named by the Treasury Department were Salih al-Aruri, a Hamas political bureau member who it said was responsible for Hamas money transfers, and Mahir Salah, a Hamasfinancier based in Saudi Arabia and dual British and Jordanian citizen who Treasury said leads the Hamas Finance Committee in Saudi Arabia.

Also named were Abu Ubaydah Khayri Hafiz al-Agha, a Saudi Arabian citizen, and Mohammed Reda Mohammed Anwar Awad, an Egyptian national.

The Treasury Department also sanctioned Asyaf International Holding Group for Trading and Investment, a Saudi Arabia-based company that it said is managed by al-Agha and used to finance Hamas.

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