2 Egyptians died in Mecca crane collapse: Health Min.
107 dead after crane collapses at world's holiest mosque in Mecca

CAIRO: Two Egyptian pilgrims died from their injuries caused by a construction crane that collapsed in the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, announced the Ministry of Health Saturday.

A total of 22 Egyptians were reportedly injured in the accident, which left 107 dead and an estimated 238 injured.

Disturbing images and videos of blood and dead bodies on the floor, which could not be individually verified, were circulated on social media shortly after the accident.

Saudi officials said that strong winds and heavy rains were behind the crane’s collapse.

In a separate incident, a total of four other Egyptian pilgrims reportedly died due to sudden health crisis; circulatory collapse, according to a mission by the Ministry of Tourism.

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are flocking into Mecca as the city is preparing for the five-day annual Muslim ritual of the Hajj, meaning pilgrimage, which will start Sept. 22.

For the year 2015, approximately 70,000 Egyptian pilgrims are traveling to Mecca to perform the ritual; 19,000 are lot-chosen, a government procedure that offers the cheapest means to go for pilgrimage, 10,000 are supported by the Ministry of Social Solidarity and 40,000 are travelling via tourism companies.

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