Anti-terror law sees 5 sentences from 5 -7yrs for inciting violence

CAIRO:  In the first case to apply a controversial anti-terrorism law passed in August by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, three convicts were sentenced Wednesday to seven years in jail over charges of blocking public roads and attacking police personnel.

The convicts were also fined 100,00 EGP ($12,771,) while other two minors received five years in jail; according to the investigations, they faced charges of blocking a public road of Giza’s Badrshein city and possessing weapons, and attacking police personnel in 2013.

Per the law, those who incite violence directly or indirectly shall receive at least a five-year prison sentence. This punishment could be toughened to seven years in jail in case that the act of inciting violence occurred inside a place of worship, or among military and security personnel.


The law, that makes terrorism a capital offense, has been slammed by human rights advocates as it confers immunity for those who carry out the law.

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