Sisi appoints Mahlab as assistant for ‘national projects’
Sisi meets Mahlab - Presidential office

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi appointed former Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab as his assistant for national and strategic projects, according to a Saturday Presidency Statement.

Sisi praised the efforts of Mahlab and his cabinet members amid “extremely critical and difficult circumstances,” to serve the nation, according to the statement.

Under Mahlab’s reign, work at a number of major national projects has been on the run, including the New Suez Canal and new Network of roads project.

Sisi said that Mahlab has “actively participated with relentless efforts” in the projects, which makes him keen to keep Mahlab in an official post to follow up on developmental projects.

Before Mahlab assumes his position as Prime Minister in June 2014, he was serving as Minister of Housing.

Last week, he and his cabinet submitted their resignation to the President, and continued carrying out their responsibilities until a new cabinet were sworn-in Saturday.

Before Mahlab’s resignation, the Agriculture Minister Salah Helal stood down and was then arrested over charges of corruption.

Former Minister of Petroleum Sherif Ismail succeeded Mahlab in his position as Prime Minister. Thirty-three ministers were sworn-in Saturday, including 16 new portfolios.

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