Egyptian pilgrims’ death toll rises to 10
Muslim pilgrims walk near a construction crane which crashed in the Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia September 12, 2015. At least 107 people were killed when the crane toppled over at Mecca's Grand Mosque on Friday, Saudi Arabia's Civil Defence authority said, less than two weeks before Islam's annual haj pilgrimage. REUTERS/Mohamed Al Hwaity

CAIRO: The death toll among Egyptian pilgrims in Saudi holy city of Mecca, currently preparing to perform annual event of Hajj, rose to 10 due to health crisis, Youm7 reported Saturday.

One of the recent cases was for an 85-year man who died after vomting blood (Haematemesis.) Two other pilgrims died suffering a heart attack and fibrosis of liver and lungs.

The Egyptian mission delegated to Mecca during this year’s pilgrimage season has provided so far renal washing sessions for 19 pilgrims who are suffering kidney failure.

The Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam, is the largest Muslim gathering through the year, during which deaths among pilgrims occur, either due to stampedes or sudden health crises.

Approximately 70,000 Egyptian pilgrims are traveling to Mecca to perform the rituals this year; some 58, 141 have arrived so far.

A governmental mission, also delegated with the pilgrims, announced paying compensations of ($125) to each of six pilgrims who lost their bags.




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