Education Ministry denies Helaly Sherbiny on Facebook
Education Minister Helaly Sherbiny - YOUM7

CAIRO: The Ministry of Education denied Monday that Minister Helaly Sherbiny has had a Facebook account.

Posts from a Facebook account attributed to newly-appointed Education Minister Sherbiny have been widely shared and ridiculed on social media due to major Arabic spelling mistakes.

The ministry said any information  about the minister is only available through his office.

The said Facebook page, however, was closed soon after it became known among users.

Egyptians social media users, activists and celebrities participated in the mockery of how someone who makes such spelling mistakes can assume the Education Ministry.

A hashtag dubbed “tweet like a minister” was widely used with tweets that carry intended spelling mistakes.

The shares posts, allegedly belong to Sherbiny, included political opinions that hail the military and attack activists.

The new Cabinet is expected to be short-lived as the to-be elected parliament will be tasked with forming a new one.

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    September 22, 2015 at 6:12 am

    Of course it was his FACEBOOK account! It seem to be that he has got the job ,because he is somebody’s somebody ,NOT because of his QUALIFICATION! By the way,is it NOT INTERESTING that ,during the last few decades UNCOUNTABLE MINISTERS of EDUCATION had been CHANGED ,BUT NEVER the SYSTEM of EDUCATION ITSELF ???? WHOSE INTEREST is to KEEP the EGYPTIANS UNEDUCATED ???
    a. the KHAZARS
    b. the corrupt government
    c. both

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