Baby given Tramadol by brother goes into coma
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CAIRO: A baby in a village of Senbellawein, Dakahlia governorate, has gone into a coma after his three-year old brother put a strong pain reliever, also commonly used as a recreational drug, in his mouth.

Senbellawein hospital in Egypt’s Delta admitted six-month-old Ahmed Abdel Gawad, after his mother reported that his brother Mohamed inserted a “foreign substance” in his mouth, after which he fell asleep for a long time.

Ahmed was admitted into the intensive care unit where he was treated for the drug after traces were found in his mouth.

The mother has not provided statements on how Mohamed obtained the drug.

Abuse of Tramadol is wide-spread Egypt; it is reportedly used by truck drivers who work overnight to keep them alert, but the Ministry of Health has warned it reduces one’s timing and the ability to calculate distances. Others use the drug to enhance and heighten sensation during sex, although its effects on sexual activities have not been scientifically proven.

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