33 Sudanese, Nigerians deported from Egypt over migration attempt to Italy,Libya
Cairo International Airport - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Cairo Airport deported 33 persons Friday to their home countries after they had been arrested attempting to migrate to Libya and Italy, Youm7 reported.

Fifteen Sudanese people arrived to the airport with a police force from Kafr el-Sheikh, where some migrants and refugees go to attempt to travel by sea to Europe. Eleven other Sudanese and seven Nigerians arrived with a force from Matrouh in the west after they tried to enter Libya illegally.

Some foreigners who wish to travel to Libya or Europe transit through Egypt, but most boats taking to the Mediterranean sail from Libya or Turkey.

On Friday, 18 people of different nationalities were arrested in Rosetta, Beheira, before boarding a boat to travel to Europe, Youm7 reported.

Some 57 Egyptians were deported from Italy in August over violating the residency law. Egypt has received waves of deported Egyptians from Italy and Saudi Arabia a few times this year, and has foiled dozens of illegal attempts to travel to Europe and Libya.

Minister of Manpower Nahed Ashry met with representatives from 18 ministries on Sept. 1 to set a concerted strategy to counter illegal immigration.

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