Armenian belly dancer acquitted of ‘insulting Egyptian flag’
Armenian-Russian belly dancer Safinaz - YOUM7

CAIRO: Armenian-Russian belly dancer Safinaz was acquitted of the charge of insulting the Egyptian flag Monday, Youm7 reported.

Agouza misdemeanor court cancelled a six-month jail term and a 15,000 EGP ($1, 966) fine handed down to the dancer over the Egyptian flag- inspired dancing costume she wore during a party in a Red Sea resort earlier this year.

Egypt has recently criminalized “insulting the Egyptian flag” per a law drafted in May, imposing a punishment measuring up to a year in prison and 30,000 EGP fine.

In August, Safinaz defended herself saying that she made her costume resemble the Egyptian flag; with the three colors (red, black and white) out of her “love to the country and its people,” and that she did not mean to offend them in any way.

Although Egypt allows public belly dancing, the police are authorized to set regulations to be followed by the dancers, such as the style of their costumes.



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