Beyti juice company vindicated  after accusations of tainted product

CAIRO: Examinations carried out on apple juice produced by the Beyti Company have proven its conformity with the standard specifications and its validity for usage, Youm7 reported.

A week ago, Egypt’s Customer Protection Agency ordered a suspension of the production of the company after receiving complaints on social media about a change in the taste.

Per the suspension, the Beyti Company withdrew all Tropicana apple juice from the market and exchanged them with new ones.

The Chamber of Food Industries, which confirmed that the juice is up to standard, said that the change in taste was due to the surge in temperature witnessed in Egypt during the beginning of September.

Mohamed Shokry, the head of the chamber, said that Beyti Company has suffered a great loss after withdrawing the product, as well as from “unchecked rumors” that affected the company’s reputation.


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