Countering radicalism key to fighting IS: Sisi
Snapshot from CNN video

CAIRO: In order to fight the Islamic State group, nations must first counter radical ideologies, President Sisi said Monday in an interview with American network CNN.

“We exert our upmost efforts to overcome this phenomenon, not only with the security response but by amending religious speech as well,” he added.

“Countering terrorism needs a highly accurate arms different from what we have; we fight limited elements hidden among a large population .. we don’t want to limit our strategic relations with the USA only on the military aid,” Sisi added.

Sisi claimed that Egypt has “unprecedented freedom” of the press; last week he pardoned two journalists who had been in jail since their arrest in December 2013 over “spreading false news” while working for the Al Jazeera network.

He added saying, “since I swore in as a president, I haven’t encountered even one incident of a journalist or media professional who got sued over his opinion; not a journalist or any other person.”

In November 2014, the editors in chief of major media organizations met to give a “statement of allegiance,” essentially agreeing not to criticize the military or government during a “war on terror.”

Sisi he hopes Syria will not fall under the control of extremists,  “as we see that the situation ends in millions of refugees displaced all over the world.”

He added that he feared the expulsion of Bashar from power, reasoning that extremists may take his place.

Talking about the nuclear agenda of Iran, Sisi said that Egypt supports any procedure leads to development and prevents war in the region.

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