81 students suffer food poisoning in Beheira primary school
First day of fall semester at schools - YOUM7/Islam Osama

CAIRO: The total number of students suffering from food poisoning reached 81 students in Al-Adl primary school in Beheira governorate, after eating lupin beans from street vendors, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

The ill students were transferred to al-Nobarya public hospital.

General Manager of Preventive Medicine Abdel Nasser said that using water unsuitable for human consumption to prepare the lupins was the reason behind the poisoning.

The incident began with only 10 poisoned students who started vomiting, with more and more showing symptoms of illness, finally reaching 81 affected.

Samples from the food remains, vomit and schools water were collected to be examined; the students are being treated.

On Sept. 27, approximately 19 million students began the 2015/2016 academic year in 49,500 schools nationwide.

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