NYC consulate reports Brotherhood protesters to U.S. State Department
Brotherhood protesters in New York City - YOUM7/ Deena Romia

CAIRO: The Egyptian consulate in New York submitted a memo to the U.S. State Department to demand the arrest of alleged Muslim Brotherhood members who assaulted members of the media delegation accompanying President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in New York.

Anti-Sisi protesters filmed TV anchors Youssef al-Husseiny and Mohamed Sherdy outside the U.N. in New York; the videos show Husseiny being slapped on the nape of his neck and Sherdy on the face.

The memo claimed that the demonstrators violated the U.S. laws on peaceful protests, as the protesters physically and verbally assaulted the two presenters. It demanded that permits given to Brotherhood members be revoked due to their “violence.”

The videos were attached to the memo, according to a Tuesday statement by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry. A day earlier, TV anchor Wael al-Ibrashy was also filmed being followed and insulted.

The protesters and Husseiny exchanged obscene insults while police tried to separate them from the anchors.

Al-Sharq channel, affiliated with the Brotherhood, interviewed Said Abbasy, one of the protesters, who said the police released him after two hours of detention following the incident.

Abbasy told the Islamist channel that the police “have known them well for two years” and realize that they do not “break the law.”

He said that the actions of the protesters are the “least that can be done to the families of martyrs and prisoners.”

He also added that the consulate and the “church in New Jersey” have repeatedly reported them to the police.


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