South Sinai, Red Sea coast on alert amid torrential rain
Nuweiba-Taba road - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Nuweiba-Taba road located in the eastern part of Sinai Peninsula reopened Friday after it was closed last night due to heavy rainfall, Al Ahram reported.

“The road was closed Thursday after a severe heavy rain flooding of 80-kilometer speed per hour has swept areas in South Sinai’s towns of Nuwiba and Taba. The flood destroyed 30 kilometers of the Wadi Teir-Nuweiba road which is still closed,” Essam Khedr, head of South Sinai’s crisis management administration was quoted by Al-Ahram.

During the past two weeks, the road was closed and reopened several times amid torrential rain that swept areas along the Red Sea coast and northeast of the Sinai Peninsula including the Gulf of Aqaba, St. Catherine city.

The South Sinai governorate announced a state of maximum alert, and has prepared heavy machines and equipment to remove the debris that might occur due to the heavy rainfall, Khedr said.

The Meteorological Authority expects the heavy rainfall wave to continue during the next few days in South Sinai, Aswan and the Red Sea coast known for their comparatively heavy rainfall at this time of year.

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